The inspirational life story of KFC’s Colonel Sanders

Are you the person who has been rejected and disappoint again in your life Well. Colonel Harland Sanders did this. He was found of Kentucky Fried Chicken. He never disappoints from his failure and always took failure as an opportunity to learn as well as succeed. Behind the public eyes, many people had to go through different difficult challenges to achieve wonderful success. These people have to continue through hardships as well as work hard to achieve their life goals.

The early life of Colonel Sanders

Sanders was born in Henryville, IN, in 1890. When he was only six years old, his father passed away. Sanders was the only person who cares and cooks for his siblings. The mother of Colonel spends all of her days doing different routine work. According to the New Yorker, at the age of 7th, he was a great cook,

When he was 12 years old, his mother remarried. Stepfather of Colonel disliked boys. So, Colonel sent to work about 80-miles away from the town while the younger brother was sent to live with their aunt.

Colonel realized that he performs good work all day long instead of going to school. So, he was dropped out of school in 7th grade,

Job carrier

When he was 16, he enlists his fake age in the army of the United State. He was discharged after a year and got hired by a railway as the labourer. Here he was fired by the railway for fighting with the co-worker. He studied law and also ruined his legal career because of getting into another conflict. He moves back to his mother and gets another job of selling life insurance. He again fired for disobedience. In spite of all these failures, he never gives up but struggled to move forward. He also did many other jobs like stocking steam engines of trains, selling tires, preparing lighting systems, selling insurance and operating ferry boats.

He acquired the service station in 1930, in Corbin, Kentucky. He began serving delicious classic dished for travellers. The location became one of the most popular places for food. Sander realizes to convert the station’s gas pump to the full-fledged restaurant.

His discovery came into being in 1939 when he realized that frying delicious chicken and signature “11-herbs and spices” in pressure cookers bring ideal consistency.

Kentucky restaurant

Sander’s restaurant got popular all over the world. In 1950, the governor of Kentucky named Sanders as Colonel which is the best and highest honour title given by the state, Sander’s adopt white suit, Kentucky tie for pop-culture icon.

He made deal with the restaurant friend named Pete Harman in 1952. According to this deal, he sells his chicken dish in exchange for the 4-cent royalty on each sold price. Kentucky’s fried chicken became the top-selling items. Sanders’s made this amazing deal with other local restaurants. Everything happens perfectly. When the new interstate circumvented this restaurant, the restaurant spelled doom. In 1956, he sold the location after Greta loss. He only gets income in the form of monthly social security check.

Franchise side project:

After he did close his restaurant, he decided to dedicate fully himself to the franchising side project. He with his wife hit the road with the car that is packed with flour, spice blends, and pressure cookers. He enters the restaurant, offers to cook delicious chicken and then make the deal with the owner.

He was very picky while choosing a restaurant, He often talks with the owner and then convinces them to cook special chicken for employees of the restaurant. It was a tough time for colonel and hope was the thing that kept him going on and works best for the company. In 1964, he had managed to build a company that worth millions of dollars. He builds company with more than 600-outlets in Canada and the United States.

One of the interesting fact that inspires every person is that he didn’t have any salesman that promote his franchise, He did all things alone, His franchise got popular. Different franchisees started reaching him out. KFC chicken had bunches of outlets but did not have signature outlets.

Acquisition of the company

When he was 74, young lawyer John Y. Brown, Jr. from Kentucky and Jack Massey meet Colonel Sanders with the aim to purchase the company. Both convenience Colonel for many year with the promise to maintain better quality control for the franchise. They also promise to never change the recipe of Colonel. In fact, it was an easy decision for Colonel Sanders. He travelled the country to seek the best advice about selling his company from franchisees family members and business associates. He finally realized that the company is difficult to grow and control alone. He agrees to sell his company with an offer of $ 2 million in 1964. He was not happy with the deal. Because it was one of the most important and important things in his life. The new owner of Kentucky Friend chicken believed that the face of Sander’s was one of the best assets to the “KFC brand”. He retained as a brand ambassador and also embarked on many campaigns. For the position of brand ambassador and spokesman, he gets a lifetime salary of about $40,000 per year.


In the last two decades of life, Colonel appears in public in only a white signature suit. On 16th December 1980, he passed away at the age of 90 from Leukemia.


The great inspirational man Colonel Sanders is a good example for all people who face lots of challenges in their life. The colonel was sacked from many jobs, his wide also left him, he also messed up a legal career because of uncontrollable anger and aggression. At the age of 65, many people in the world hanging their boots, but he was a great man because he set out and built the largest food chain in the world.


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