Success Story of Albert Einstein; The Great Scientist and Physicist

Early Childhood Picture

Early life

The great scientist and physician “Albert Einstein” were born in the city of “Ulm, in Wurtermerg, Germany on March 14, 1879. The parents of Einstein lived in a world having no electric light. He was born when Thomas Edison invented the electric bulb.

Educational life

As a student, he didn’t show any remarkable results. The grades were only passing. He was renowned and top students in Mathematics and science only.

Job career:

After graduation, he searched for the job until he started working as an assistant examiner at the “Federal office for Intellectual Property” in Bern, Switzerland. Einstein was responsible for the evaluation of the patent submission for many inventions.


The class at Swiss “Federal Polytechnic Institute: was small and only consists of five students only. Only one female student named “Mileva Maric” who romantically involved with Einstein and got married on 6, January 1903. Their daughter “Lieserl” was born in Novi Sad in 1902, whose destiny is still unexplored. Either their daughter adopted or maybe died of Scarlet fever during infancy.

First wife

Miracle year

According to Einstein’s biographers, the year 1905 called “Miracle year”. In 1900, physics was distributed into two main branches. One was mechanics that was represented by Isaac Newton and the other was Electromagnetism represented by James Clark Maxwell.


Second Marriage

In 1912, Einstein visited Berlin. Here he met with cousin “Elsa Lowenthal”. Mileva his first wife suffered from depression and left home with two sons. The marriage of Albert and Mileva ended badly. Mileva got a divorce from Einstein on February 14, 1919. He married his cousin in just three and a half months after divorced.

2nd wife of Albert Einstein

The general theory of relativity

He spends 1911–1913 working on one of the best theories called “General theory of relativity”. The theory is later known as the “Gravitational lens effect”. This theory received lots of usage in the field of astrophysics. It also explains the main essence of black homes.

Scinetific discoveries

Nobel prize:

He awarded the Nobel prize awards in 1921 for his impressive services in theoretical physics and discovery of the law of “Photoelectric effect.”

Nobel Prize Award

The important thing to point out:

The most important approach is that despite all setbacks and rejections from people and the educational system, he always continued to fight against all things. He kept focuses on theories, experimentation, and studies.



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