Story of Strive: How Steve Jobs Found Wonderful Success


Steve Jobs hardly needs any introduction. He is considered one of the best and well-recognized personalities of the world. His introduction is more than the co-founder of Apple computers. He is an American inventor as well as CEO of Apple company. This person has revolutionized the amazing spectrum of technology. He has more than $30 billion in empires. He offers an amazing world of mobile technology and personal computing with adorable digital parameters.

He not only facilitated people with better and compact technology gadgets but also makes people’s life calm and easy. No one can make such a remarkable performance as he did. So, here we put light on the journey of American inventor that tells you about his intellectual abilities in detail. So let get started.


Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, California on February 24, 195. The biological parents of Steve were the two graduate students of the University of Wisconsin. his mother was the speech therapist while father taught political sciences. Both of them decided to give their son for adaptation. Paul and Clara Jons adopted that baby. Paul was the machinist and coast guard veteran while his mother Clara was an accountant.

He was an extra-ordinary genius child, not an average one. He was blessed with amazing power to invest wonders.

Childhood interest

As a child, steve was interesting in electronics. He uses his father’s garage to work as a technician.

The school journey of Steve Jobs was no so impressive because he disliked having school. His parents always want to study them in an outstanding school, but he unable to succeed and dropped out in the frits sometimes. Due to a lack of studies as well as interest, Steve dropped out form the college.

Never lose his hope

After dropout, steve didn’t stop himself but start working hard toward his interests and was committed to achieving his goal. He starts working in the home garage as a technician 24-hours. He going to use his precious time with computers and machines for making something unique for the world.

Keep trying

He worked with one of his friends named “Wozniak”. Both Steve and Wozniak make the first personal computer of Apple company. It was one of the best and tremendous achievements for both individuals. Apple’s computer is going to become so popular day by day.

In 1980, Apple’s reputation decline and all of the fame shed over. Market competition increases and lots of gadgets also introduced in those days. Apple company was completely down. These days were not good for steve because of failures. So, at that point, he resigned with the company and also sold all shares.

NeXT company

After the failure and resign Apple company, Steve never lose hope and kept working on the technology. The man never loses hope and get up with innovative zeal after introducing “NeXT computer”. But unfortunately, the company offers computers that were more expensive So, it was not so beneficial for the company to attract users. The company didn’t get success and all the efforts of Jobs were worn-out. Another failure never let him quit.

Fight with cancer

Steve also faced health issues along with complications in the work. He fights with the cancer disease bravely. Besides his disease, he never leaves Apple. He remains in contact with the company after cancer.

He honestly performs all of his responsibilities and duties as the chairman of a hospital. He always in the hope to work better and will survive. He thought to become well soon and again work for the company.


In October 2011, the CEO and co-founder of Apple company passed away. He was only 56-age. He sacrificed all of his life completely for idealizing technology. The technology trend in the world has been changed due to the best vision of Steve Jobs. Apple Inc. still uses parameters explained by steve to upgrade the standard performances of the products.

What he taught us?

The amazing story of Steve Jobs tells us that if any individual wishes for something unique, then he can make it possible only if he has strong faith in his abilities and skills.

In this world, nothing is impossible because if the desire of an individual is higher than that if his fears. Fears always degrade the internal capabilities of an individual. But if a person has complete faith in his ability, then nothing will be impossible. Steve faces lots of failures but he never gave up and keep working on to fulfill his dream. He is one of the best inspirational examples for all of us.

All of these kinds of people bear problems, keep work hard and faces hardships. They never lose hope and never choose to give up. If you can do the best, then you can set a great example for other peoples. Hope this inspirational story of CEO of Apple Company gives you the strength to minimize all kind of hurdles and give you the opportunity to get success in every field of life.



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